Tooth Forms

Section dedicated to the tooth shapes of our band saw blades.

Neutral tooth (N)

The Neutral tooth has a cutting angle of 0°. It is suitable for cutting material with an high carbon content (such as cast iron), for material with small cross sections and for thin-wall profiles and tubes.

Hook tooth (H)

The Hook tooth has a positive cutting angle. This tooth form is particularly suitable for cutting solid, thick-walled tubes and all high-alloyed materials.

P Tooth (P)

The P tooth has an extremely aggressive cutting angle. Due to its extremely aggressive cutting characteristics is most suitable for cutting high alloyed materials, exotic alloys and non-ferrous metals.

Ground tooth (R)

The R tooth is based on a high-low triple chip design recognized as one of the most efficient in engineering cutting technology. To cope with the demands of a wide range of difficult steels and exotic alloys the teeth are available with poisitve and extremely positive cutting angles.

Profil Tooth

The Profil tooth has a positive cutting angle of only 6° and a reinforced back that withstands the vibrations during the cut of profiles, tubes and beams, even in bundles.

Profil Pipe Tooth

Profil Pipe tooth is specifically designed for cutting round pipes. In addition to all Profil tooth characteristics (positive angle and reinforced back) has a unique tooth design.